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Community projects for faith

Synagogue area approved for construction

Synagogue Ark


A new synagogue will be built in the

city of Safed, the capital of the Galilee,

in the Mitzpe HaAgam neighborhood

Those interested in donating and commemorating

their loved ones are welcome to contact us

in the contact form or by phone 053-5210689


תמונת רקע מגן דוד

Renovation of Jewish cemeteries

The "Trail of Faith" association is engaged in the renovation of Jewish gravestones and cemeteries in the Ukraine. Naturally, old tombs are destroyed over the years, mostly due to the extreme weather. The association employs dedicated workers who renovate the gravestones of the Jewish graves with loyalty and dedication. 

Feel free to donate to us and take part in this important project.

בית עלמין יהודי ישן באוקראינה
מחסן עמותת שביל אמונה - ארגזים לקראת החג לנזקקים
תמונת מתנדבים תדמיתית

Financial and medical assistance

Many families are unable to cope with the limited family consumption basket and "close" the month. A large part of the family budget is collected for other essential needs such as rent, medicine, electricity and more.

It often happens that families are not able to cope financially with buying basic products for the home - and that is where they need us and you.

The "Faith Trail" association helps families with the help of monthly shopping vouchers.
We believe that the family must manage the family shopping basket on its own and learn to manage the smart shopping skills until it gets out of the cycle of poverty.

תמונת רקע דקורטיבית דגל ישראל

Assistance to lone soldiers

  Lone soldiers come to serve in the IDF from all over the world: from the United States, Russia, Australia, France, Canada, South Africa and Argentina.
These young women and men could start careers or pursue academic studies in their home countries. Instead, they chose to leave their families, immigrate to Israel and serve in the IDF.

Within the bases they quickly become part of a mitzvah. When they serve at the front, combat aid or rear, they have "brothers" by their side. But when the unit is on vacation or Saturday at home, those "brothers" travel to their parents, but the lone soldiers have no home and family to stay with.
The "Trail of Faith" organization supports lone soldiers throughout military service, and continues to accompany them after their release, to help them integrate into Israeli society as contributing citizens.

חיילי צהל תמונה תדמיתית
תמונת אירוע דתי תדמיתי
רקע מגן דוד תדמיתי

Joy project

Many families in Israel have great difficulty managing the household, but excessive expenses can cause them to collapse, even when it comes to happy events. Even a modest production of a wedding / bar or bat mitzvah is not always within reach. The "Trail of Faith" organization helps families in even the most beautiful moments and allows them to rejoice without any worries.

A wedding / bar or bat mitzvah, even if modest and unassuming, is an almost impossible task for families who can barely afford the running expenses. Even if one considers only what is necessary, the expenses will be many. Purchasing tefillin, a meal and clothing for family members, will have to offset against other necessary expenses like food and electricity.
The Path of Faith Association will not allow the family to give up a celebration and give up the event that will shape the life of the adolescent boy or married couple. With your donation, we help families
  In the important and joyful moment that will be remembered for the rest of their lives. Planning the joy and producing it by the association greatly reduces the costs of the event, and with the help of your donation the joy event will take place properly and will be remembered forever.

תמונת משפחה ברקע ים

Marriage counseling and guidance

The association sees the maintenance of the integrity of the family cell and its proper functioning as the central axis on the road to the rehabilitation and economic and social growth of the family in need of assistance.

The "Trail of Faith" association helps families and couples who are in a marital or family crisis, and need professional guidance and counseling. We focus on resolving marital and family crises, because it is precisely these that undermine the stability of the family unit. We invest most of the resources available to us for this purpose, as part of the association's purpose, and therefore we do not deal with cases of personal mental distress.

תמונת משפחה
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