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Trail of Faith Association
Organization of help and kindness

The "Trail of Faith" organization was established in 2017, with the aim of helping the community, families and youth who need help in all areas of life.

The goal of the association is to provide a stable ground for families, on which they will be able to grow economically and socially, and overcome the obstacles of life. Every day we help families regardless of gender, religion, race, origin or nationality.

Our projects

Assistance to Holocaust survivors

Youth at Risk

lone soldiers

Distribution of food baskets

clothing and footwear

Assistance to grooms / brides

Construction of synagogues and mikvahs

Renovation of cemeteries for Jewish communities in Israel and around the world

A variety of activities for the community and aid seekers

מתנדבים במחסן עמותת שביל אמונה
Packing Boxes

Come volunteer with us

Have you always wanted to do for others? Join our hundreds of volunteers who work for the community around the clock.


How do you volunteer? where? What assistance do we need through our volunteers? 

Need support?

Do we need family assistance? Are you in a situation where you need help? Do not hesitate to contact us.


We promise to return every request received 



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