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מתנדבים במחסני עמותת שביל אמונה

"Our value is estimated in our ability
Donate and share with others"

Volunteers for Faith

תמונה תדמיתית של מתנדבים

Glad you came here :)

The Trail of Faith organization currently employs hundreds of volunteers in a variety of projects and activities around the clock - for the community

Assistance to Holocaust survivors

Help at-risk youth

Help lone soldiers

Distribution of food baskets

clothing and footwear

Assistance to grooms / brides

Construction of churches and mikvahs

Renovation of cemeteries for Jewish communities in Israel and around the world

How do you volunteer and what do you do?

Contact us and we will be happy to integrate you in our activities for the community according to our needs, abilities and your time.

Thank you in advance for wanting to help and contribute to a stronger community 

תמונה תדמיתית של מתנדבים
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