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Declaration of Accessibility Path of Faith

The Faith Trail website  Is an accessible site for people with disabilities. 

We are constantly investing resources to make the site accessible, clear and readable to all surfers and the public with disabilities in particular.  

The site was built in accordance with the recommendations of the Israeli standard and the accessibility of content on the Internet at the AA level 

Combined with the recommendations of the WCAG2.0 document  Published through the international organization W3C  Dealing with standardization on the Internet.

The site is tested using the common browsers: Google Chrome and Explorer from Microsoft and can be browsed on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.  

The offices of the Trail of Faith Association are also accessible to people with disabilities.  

If for any reason you browse the site and encounter any difficulty, we apologize for it 

And invite you to contact us by email, indicating the name of the site and the specific problem that needs treatment, so that we can address the problem as soon as possible. Make sure the email has reached the accessibility coordinator and ask for explicit confirmation of receipt of the email.  


Details of the accessibility coordinator of the Trail of Faith Association website

Erez Abutbul

Phone: 04-6971469




The accessibility statement was updated on 5.2.2022

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